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Jordan wins "Hairry Award" for newsman with best hair

January 8, 2017

National hair blog website named Jordan Segundo as Hawaii's newsman with the best head of hair! 






Blog from website:

Ooohhh, Daddy! These news teams are bringing in some new steam for the 2016 HAIRRY-Awards for Local Newsmen with the Best Hair! Local news never looked so good. These men have been utilizing the best of shampoos, conditioners, and hair product to make sure they are camera ready at all times!


The 2015 winners brought their A-game, but these 2016 winners took it to an entirely new level of hair care. We got your e-mails, Tweets, and Facebook messages, letting us know that sure, responsible journalism is important, but this…this is everything!

A HAIRRY-Award winner doesn’t have to worry about anything. They are validated from the moment they see their name in that top spot to the day they die…or go bald. *gasp*

Emmys are nice. They really are. We’re not trashing the Emmys – they do fine work.

But the HAIRRYs? They showcase the true talent that lives within these United States of America!


What are The HAIRRYs?

The HAIRRYs celebrate fabulous hair and the people who have it. There are no nominations, no voting, and no turning back. As hair experts, we scour multiple images and video from all of our potential winners. Then, we consult with other stylists and creatives in the field to narrow it down to one HAIRRY Winner and up to two HAIRRY Runner-Ups.

Our Criteria For Great Hair

When choosing our recipients we look for the following characteristics:

  • thick

  • full volume

  • well styled

  • limited/no receding hairline

We did not take into consideration; hair color or attractiveness of the man. However, there seems to be a correlation between great hair and overall “hotness.”


How We Chose The HAIRRY Recipients


First, we listed all of the local TV stations in the state.

Then, we pulled the headshots of all the on-air talent from each station. (It all starts with a good head shot).


Next, we narrowed it down to those who exhibited the four factors mentioned above. We looked at social media profiles (and reels, when available) to get a more accurate assessment of the hair.


Finally, through much deliberation, comparison, and pitchers of margaritas, we picked our winner (aka: “Best Hair”) and our Runner-Up(s).

We repeated that process for each state.

This process took us about 200 hours of combined labor. We’ve had to hire more experts and writers than ever to ensure the quality of this prestigious award.

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